This project was originally just for myself, but I would like to release it to the public.Strike Gold (Introducing: Thomas Gold)

Book one in the Thomas Gold series.


Stalked To Death

Chapter 1

Friday morning Thomas Gold awoke to the sound of traffic outside his apartment. 7 15 am and all of Edinburgh was already awake. Gold didn’t mind. He had spent the last six months waking up at 6 am in Thailand. He liked Thailand it was a beautiful country with even better weather. But nothing was as beautiful as the city of Edinburgh. He was handsome with thin yet a muscular figure which fit his six foot three inches comfortably and the sleeves of his shirt fit tightly over his arms. In a sleepy haze he walked over to the window and opened the curtains. The day is unusually sunny for mid October morning but the ground is still wet from the rain fall during the night. He rubbed his eyes and stretched trying to wake up.
He left his bedroom and went into his living room. He had two choices. Breakfast or an early morning training session. He chose the latter because he wasn’t that hungry first thing in the morning and never was much of a breakfast person. He walked into the kitchen and filled a bottle of water. He then proceeded to his second bedroom which was filled with gym equipment. He had a couple of cardio machines along the back wall. A pyramid of dumbbells across the left and a line of kettle bells along the right. The middle of the room was empty and it was mainly where he trained with the weights. As he entered the room the first thing that caught his eye was the treadmill. Running always woke him up.
He picked up a remote that was sitting inside of the water bottle holder on the treadmill and replaced it with the water bottle. The remote controlled a radio that was perched upon the windowsill. He pressed the start button and a playlist began to play that was composed of 80’s rock songs. He stepped onto the treadmill and set the speed to a fast walk pace.
He had changed the speed to a casual jog and kept that pace for about 10 minutes when his phone began to ring. It was a number that he didn’t recognise. He pressed the answer button on the phone and slowly raised his hand to his ear.
“Hello, Thomas Gold.” He said quizzically wondering who was calling at 7 30 in the morning.
“Agent Gold. Nice to finally speak to you” the voice on the other end of the phone call said.
“You too.” He said sarcastically and then paused. “Who the hell is this?”
The voice on the phone chuckled. “My name is Alexander Martland. I have been assigned by BRASS to bring you in early. I know you were promised two weeks leave but we have an urgent case and we are down one agent.”
“Not a problem.” Gold responded.
“Ok. Your phone has a GPS application on it and I have just uploaded our HQ location on it. Be there for 9am.”
“Right, see you then.”
He ended the call before Gold could get another word out. He looked at the GPS application on his phone and saw a location that was twenty minutes drive from where he was. He then looked at the time. It was 7:35 am. He walked back to his bedroom and went straight to the bathroom and turned on the shower. He got undressed and sat on the bed as he waited of the shower to heat up. He began to think about BRASS. The first time he heard about the company was when he was recruited during a tour of Nigeria. To most people it would mean a type of Musical instrument or metal but to him it meant a lot more. He had heard rumours but it doesn’t take to much of an imagination to figure out why the company was created. Prisons all over the world were overcrowded and riots on the streets were getting worse as the years went on. So the government created a solution. Instead of putting the people that commit murders, terrorism or any other serious crimes they would be taken out by BRASS and they’re agents. After his shower He had breakfast. Sausage, bacon and eggs with a side of toast. Gold left his flat and got into his brand new black SUV a company car provided by BRASS. He felt excited yet concerned about his new career and what he might have to do to get the job done.

The training centre doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about working for the British Special Service.
The traffic will be busy on the main roads at 8:30 am with most people heading to their work so Gold decided to take the longer route through to Princes Street and then taking the first left to take him onto Lothian Road. He could see Edinburgh castle in the rear view mirror. It was a place full of history for both Scotland and himself. His grandfather took him to the castle a few times when he was growing up before he became ill and was no longer able to look after Gold. It will always be a place that will remind him of his grandfather.
He was heading south on Lothian Road. Gold took the next left onto Bread Street when suddenly a small child around the age of nine or ten ran out onto the road in front of is car. He slammed on the breaks and sounded his horn. Not in anger at the child but more like concern for him. Gold was never one to hurt others. He would rather help them. His grandmother always told him.
“If you are not making someone else's life better, than what is the point in having a life at all.”
The child looked at him frozen with fear in his eyes, like deer looking into a cars headlights before it is hit. Gold knew that the child wasn't scared of getting hit by the car. More that he knew that he had done something wrong. A kid that young wouldn't understand what it is like to fear death but he would certainly know the wrath of an angry adult. Gold looked at the child and smiled at the kid and waved him to continue crossing the road. There is no point in making a bad situation worse he thought to himself as the child finished crossing the road. Gold drove off putting the event to the back of his head. He had to much on his mine right now to obsess over a simply mistake by a kid.
Gold navigated through the rest of the streets and made it to the BRASS HQ building without anymore drama.